• Publications

    The Markaz al Ihsaan and its Principals have been involved in the publication of a number of works over the past 50 years, producing a variety of publications through various publishers.
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  • Islamic Spirituality

    Islamic Spirituality sessions are led by Maulana Dr. Waffie Mohammed are conducted at the Hermitage Mosque every Thursday evening between Maghrib and Isha prayers.
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  • Academic Programmes

    The MAI Institute offers focused training programmes designed to build the caliber of persons seeking to lead better lives in accordance with Islamic teachings.
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  • The MAI Institute is pleased to host the Secretariat of the Majlis ul Ulamaa (Council of Scholars) – a Forum established to coordinate the position of the Islamic scholars resident and active in Trinidad and Tobago
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Latest News

MAI Graduation 2019

More than 100 students, family and staff were in attendance as the over 30 students graduated from the Certificate, Diploma and Aalim levels of the Islamic Studies Program offered by the MAI Institute.

MAI Alumni Event 2019

An alumni association is a key part of any school, and is of growing importance in today’s environment of continuous learning and self-organised learning environments. MAI is pleased to launch its MAI Alumni program with its first annual Alumni event scheduled for this December. Through this, it is hoped that

Children are our Future

The maktab program has completed its first year, and we have much more in store for them this year. All are invited to register their children for weekly classes that teach our children Islamic values and practices, and provides a healthy environment for their mental and social development. The maktab