• Publications

    The Markaz al Ihsaan and its Principals have been involved in the publication of a number of works over the past 50 years, producing a variety of publications through various publishers.
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  • Academic Programmes

    The MAI Institute offers focused training programmes designed to build the caliber of persons seeking to lead better lives in accordance with Islamic teachings.
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  • Majlis ul Ulamaa

    The MAI Institute is pleased to host the Secretariat of the Majlis ul Ulamaa (Council of Scholars) – a Forum established to coordinate the position of the Islamic scholars resident and active in Trinidad and Tobago
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A Message to Muslims on the Burning of the Quran in Sweden

Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Expression and Calculated Provocation Rasmus Paludan, leader of Danish far-right political party Hard Line, burnt a copy of the Quran – an act for which he obtained a permit from the police – near the Turkish embassy as an act of protest against Islam and


By: Farook Mohammed Jr. Student – MAI Institute In the world today, we often hear the phrase “Salaam… Salaam”, but what is it? The Merriam-Webster defines Salaam as follows: ‘a salutation or ceremonial greeting in the East.’[1] However, it is much more than that. The world today has many forms

Science, Scientific Progress and The Religion of Islam In Today’s World

It is common these days to hear the sentiment science is progress and religion is backward. You believe in religion? You believe in fairy tales. You have been brainwashed. Clearly you are incapable of independent thought or critical analysis. Its important as Muslims to know where this came from, where

Free Publications

The MAI Institute has produced numerous publications across Islamic Beliefs, Fiqh, Tafseer, The Messenger of Allah (peace be on him), and pioneering works on Islamic Sociology, Psychology, Public Speaking and many more. All available for FREE download.

ILM – Islamic Leadership

A workshop designed to enhance the performance and impact of representatives in their roles within their communities, and drive community development and that of its members.

Alim(a) Program

The Alim(a) program blends the classical with the contemporary to provide to you a course that helps you to navigate the dynamic terrain of today, and infusing the authenticity of Islam from the core reference texts that have withstood the tests of time.

Islamiyat Program

For those who want to learn Islam to safeguard themselves and their families, this course ensures you are adhering to the core tenets of true Islam, without the spin, compromise or hardline interpretations that can lead to shirk or extremism.