Majlis ul Ulamaa

MAI Institute was the host of the Majlis ul Ulamaa (Council of Scholars) of Trinidad and Tobago – Majlistt.

Majlistt was a forum established to enable Islamic scholars resident and active in Trinidad and Tobago to work together to ‘define and disseminate the Islamic theological position on matters related to Islam and the Muslim community of Trinidad and Tobago.’ It held as its focus the realisation of One Position. One Voice. One Ummah, and operated from 2013 – 2024, at which point it was disbanded.

The MAI Institute was instrumental in the formation of the Majlis ul Ulamaa, and facilitated key deliverables including:

  • the coordination of meetings of the Shariah Council (the key organ of the Majlis ul Ulamaa),
  • dissemination of information to the various publics,
  • engagement in research for and on behalf of the Shariah Council as instructed, and
  • provision of general support for Shariah Council activities.

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