About MAI

About MAI


The Markaz al Ihsaan is a private, non-profit educational institute that is dedicated to the development and edification of Islamic education – from consideration of perspectives on the fundamental pillars of faith, to in-depth specialisations on contemporary Islamic issues.

Established in the year 2000, the MAI Institute strives towards an educated community, and offers programmes that assist in the cultivation of a refined life for every individual, based on the Qur’anic guidance and on the traditions of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pboh). In its short existence, the MAI Institute has begun to craft a global reputation for both its pioneering fields of study in contemporary issues as well as its public outreach in both traditional community and digital initiatives.

Today, MAI Institute boasts of hundreds of graduates at each of the Certificate, Diploma and Alim levels. Our graduates come from diverse professional and social backgrounds, many of whom have corresponding post-secondary and post-graduate certification. With additional locations of operations locally and internationally, MAI Institute is poised to serve even more communities in building an educated community and refined individuals.


The mission of the MAI Institute is to provide accessible authentic Islamic education effectively and efficiently to all those interested in understanding and applying Islamic beliefs, values, and practices in their everyday lives.


The MAI Institute aspires to inculcate a family culture and environment based on key values guided by Islamic Shariah, including:

  • inclusion
  • tolerance
  • respect


From its inception to date, the MAI Institute represents a new phase and the culmination of efforts of Maulana Dr. Waffie Mohammed – author and missionary – who has been active in the local and global Muslim community for over 4 decades. Growing out of a core Islamic Worker Training programme, the Markaz al Ihsaan began as part-time religious classes on the weekends at the Edoo’s Welding and Industrial Supplies Company training facility, where it quickly utilised full available capacity.

The MAI Institute moved to its current main campus at the Al Ihsaan Centre, located in the scenic Hermitage Village, La Romaine, and adjoining the Hermitage Mosque. Today, the MAI Institute has moved beyond its national borders and has opened its first overseas branch in the Republic of Guyana, based at the Anna Catherina Islamic Complex. Classes are also conducted at the Cumuto Mosque, in the north-eastern part of the island of Trinidad.