Academic Programs

Currently the MAI Institute offers focused training programs designed to build the calibre of persons seeking to lead better lives in accordance with Islamic teachings, as well as tooling those who wish to become more actively involved within their communities in service to Almighty Allah (swt).

Programs include:

  • Islamiyat Program: a 2-year program that ensures you are adhering to the core tenets of true Islam, without the spin, compromise or hardline interpretations that lead us to shirk or extremism. For those who want to learn Islamic principles and practices, to safeguard themselves and their families, the Islamiyat program is designed to cover the core articles, pillars and culture of Islam. Find out more here
  • Alim(a) Course: a 3-year program that prepares an individual to master key areas of Islamic Theology, and lead their community into the 21st century with confidence and conviction. Graduates can contribute to Research, Dawah and Training to their respective communities. Find out more here
  • Maktab Program: designed for children ages 5-11, this online program (via Zoom) is designed to help them learn to Read Arabic & the Qur’an, apply Dua’s & Deen in behaviour, explore Stories, Craft and Creativity to build their awareness and shape their behaviour.

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“I am 16 years old and I am a 3rd year student of Markaz al Ihsaan. I joined this institution because my father enlightened me about it and I saw it as an asset in helping me not only gain knowledge but put it into practice.” 
“These classes have not only changed me morally but has allowed me to further my Islamic studies to make myself stronger in my religion. These classes have given me a sense of belonging and security since I have joined the Markaz family.”
“I have grown and changed tremendously over the years, I’ve been praying more, reading more Quran and involving myself in beneficial activities. You will truly see a change when you join.”

Ms. A. Hosein (16 years)