Shariah Council

Shariah Council

The Shariah Council was the main body of the Majlis ul Ulamaa.

It comprised an assembly of scholars who were resident and active in Trinidad and Tobago, and who had agreed to work together to define the authentic Islamic position on matters of importance.

The members of the Shariah Council were formally engaged to serve on the Shariah Council, and represented popular Islamic organisations and diverse schools of thought. All major representative organisations were invited to nominate a representative to the Shariah Council.

The Council was headed by a Chairman elected by the Council members themselves. The Chairman served in this capacity for a period of one calendar year unless otherwise decided by the council members by simple majority.

Members of the Shariah Council included:

  • Maulana Dr. Waffie Mohammed
  • Maulana Siddiq Nasir
  • Sheikh Munaf Mohamed
  • Dr. Musa Mohamed
  • Mufti Asrar ul Haque
  • Maulana Kavir Mohammed
  • Maulana Junaid Ahamad
  • Maulana Atif Sulaimani
  • Maulana Azhar Ali

Past Members included:

  • Mufti Gulam Ahmad Chistie
  • Maulana Muhammad Shahid
  • Mufti Zaid ur Raza
  • Sheik Alaa Makshat
  • Maulana Mushtaq Ahmad Sulaimani (deceased)
  • Sheik Umar Khan
  • Sheik Ahmed Koutta
  • Maulana Sheraaz Mohammed

Others Invited to Join but Declined / Unavailable:

  • Maulana Ayub Ali
  • Maulana Sheraz Ali
  • Maulana Ahmad Khan
  • Maulana Abdul Rahman
  • Mufti Waseem Khan

Standing Invitations to Organisations to nominate scholar(s) to MajlisTT:

  • ASJA
  • TIA
  • TML
  • Darul Uloom
  • Jamia Madinatul Uloom (Marabella)