Alim(a) Program

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Classical Islamic Scholarship is now available… alongside Contemporary Subjects of Study

The Alim course is built on, and expands upon the classical study of Islam, and emulates those Alim courses that are prevalent globally. Students cover the classical alongside contemporary subjects that prepare them for dealing with emerging and present-day issues that face the Muslim community – locally and across the world.

Who’s it For?

This program is open to those graduates from the Islamiyat program who wish to learn more about Islam, dive deeper into the classical subjects, and those who wish to contribute in a more meaningful way to the issues, research and responses facing Islam and Muslims today.


To be an Alim, there are several subjects which a person must master in order to accurately represent Islam, and avoid misinterpretations and misrepresentation. In addition, there are other contemporary subjects which students would be required to study in order to effectively assimilate, synthesize and articulate in an accurate, meaningful and consistent manner.

Objectives at the Alim level include:

  • Explore the Tafseer of key chapters of the Holy Quran
  • Examine the Fiqh positions on matters based on the guidance articulated in select key source texts
  • Conduct critical thematic study of core books of Ahadith
  • Study the Arabic language in its various branches of study, so as to inform interpretation, understanding and conclusions on matters pertaining to Islam
  • Explore the various key religions and attitudes to religions present in contemporary society, from an Islamic viewpoint
  • Explore the principles and practices of Dawah in communities today
  • Examine the Islamic perspectives and approaches to the subjects of Psychology, Sociology and Philosophy
  • Examine the various principles, structures and instruments used in Islamic Finance and Economics
  • Explore key issues around Islam the West, Science and Materialism, the Dajjal and End of the World
  • Study key authors in Islamic civlisation.

How the Alim Course is Structured

The Alim course covers 5 essential subject areas:

  • Tafseer (Interpretation of the Quran)
  • Hadith (Recorded sayings and actions of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be on him) and his companions)
  • Fiqh (Jurisprudence) of the scholars on Islamic law and practice
  • Arabic (Language)
  • Contemporary Islamic Studies (pioneering works by Maulana Dr. Waffie Mohammed in select social sciences)
The Alim(a) Program Program Overview

Program Particulars

This program is covered over 4 years of part-time study.

The program intakes students every September. Post-Covid, spaces are limited, so please register early.

Classes are generally scheduled every Saturday morning from 9 am – 12 noon, with some classes conducted on 1 or 2 weekday evenings.

Classes are delivered online, using Zoom for live classes and supported by a robust elearning management platform for general student access.


You can register online for the Islamiyat Program at the MAI – click here for more: Register

“…I am 46 years of age and I am a student of MAI Institute for the past 4 years. I joined this institution based on the feedback given from the members of my Jamaat… because of the standard of Islamic knowledge imparted on the students as well as the close family atmosphere experienced.” 

“As a Muslim, because of the…lectures, I am able to effectively teach Maktab and be of service to my community and… my family members.”

Ms. S. Mohammed (46 years)