ILM Programme

ILM Programme

The ILM programme is designed to bridge the Islamic Theological content with community and organisational impact and administrative excellence. The ILM programme covers principles of leadership, strategic and operational management in a volunteerism environment, and includes common strategies and technologies individuals can employ to realise their objectives.

The ILM programme was developed in conjunction with the Pancaribbean Digital Management Academy (PDMA – a division of Professional Alliance Network Caribbean Ltd), and is offered annually as 3-hour sessions weekly over 10 weeks.

Topics covered include:

  • What is Leadership and Management – a contemporary and Islamic assessment
  • Impacts of leadership and management on individuals, organisations and society
  • An Integrated model for impact
  • Islamic organisations in today’s context
  • Applying management modules to a community or organisation
  • Leveraging leadership competencies for effectiveness
  • Technology tools to overcome common challenges
  • Measuring progress and ensuring meaningful monitoring

Delivery is executed through the use of various tools and techniques, including:

  • Interactive Presentations
  • Case studeis
  • Role plays and simulation
  • Individual and group activities and assignments

The ILM programme is scheduled at various times and is done in face-to-face and online sessions. Please stay tuned for next scheduled offering.

Customised Delivery

If you have a group or organisation who would benefit from this programme, it can be run exclusively to your group. Please contact the MAI Institute with your specific requests