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The Role of the Messenger

Maulana Dr. Waffie Mohammed

Islam is the last of the Revealed Religions. It us based on the principle of belief that there is only one Creator of the entire universe. So anyone who believe that No creature can be like the Creator is called a believer.

To be a believer (i.e. a Muslim) one has to testify that he or she:

  1. Believe that there is only One Creator of the entire universe and no creature can ever be like him.
  2. The believer is a representative of the Creator here on the earth and is require to uphold what He says is permissible and avoid what He says is prohibited.

All the Messengers who were sent by the Lord here on the earth to the various tribes and nations upheld the same principles and taught their followers the same message. This is because of the fact that Allah informs us in the Holy Qur’an that He never changes His Words or His Habits.

Prophet Muhammad (pboh) is the last of the Divinely appointed Messengers. He was with the Mission to perfect the way of life for all of mankind. He is the universal model for all times to come. He gave to mankind:

  1. A Divinely revealed code that remains unadulterated.
  2. A perfect life style.

As a result, he is the Universal Model for every nation and tribe all over the earth for all times to come. Allah says:

And We have not sent you, O Muhammad, save as a universal model for all mankind. (34L28)

So for every believer, the life pattern of the Prophet (pboh) is the best pattern of conduct for anyone who is desirous of representing the Lord here on the earth. Allah tells us about this as follows:

You have indeed, in the Messenger, a beautiful pattern of conduct for any one whose hope is in Allah, and the Last Day, for him who engages much in the remembrance of Allah. (33:21)

Muslims are very thankful to the Lord for extending a great favor on them, because they recognize the fact that No creature can ever be like the Creator, and Muhammad is His Messenger.

They are specially blessed because they follow the Lord in sending salaat of the Prophet (pboh).

Allah tells us about this in the following words:

Verily, Allah and His Angels are sending blessings of the Messenger; O You who believe send blessings of him; and salute him with great respect. (33:56)

Prophet Muhammad (pboh) is the answer to the prayer of Father Abraham who prayed as follows:

O our Lord; send amongst them a Messenger from amongst themselves who shall recite unto them Your Verses, and instruct them in the Book and in Wisdom and shall sanctify them. (2:124)

We thank our Lord for favoring us to be believers in His Oneness. And for sending to us a perfect model which if followed, will enable us to represent our Lord properly here on the earth.

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