Going Beyond the Material Life

Going Beyond the Material Life

We are in the blessed month of Ramadan, and the month is moving very quickly. We pray to Allah to make it easy for all the believers to keep the fast, and benefit from the blessings that Allah has made available in the short time that is quickly passing, during this blessed month.

We need to keep in mind one very important thing. Allah tells us in the Quran Fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you. That is, it is not only for Muslims fasting was prescribed, but it is for everybody. Why?

We must understand that we represent our Lord here on the earth. And we are here for just a short span of time. But the earth will continue, so that, as long as we are here, don’t make the earth your be-all and end-all for everything, but understand that you are using it to get you a better place in the hereafter.

Death is not the end of life, but it is the beginning of a new phase for every human being. And what Satan has done is he makes some people forget that they will be leaving all the materials things behind, and going in the grave with nothing. So that they spend all their time busy with material things, and then only to realise that when death comes, none of these things will be of any importance and value.

The message of Islam is to send something before of the material things of life so that it will benefit you as you go along the journey in the next phase and onwards. And that is fasting on one hand and zakat and charity on the other.

Fasting helps us to develop restraint, and abandon something of the world for the sake of Allah. We feel hungry and thirsty, but we persevere, because we are fasting and following the command of Allah.

Zakaat and charity help us to sacrifice some of what we have in this world for the sake of Allah, and teaches us an important lesson. Don’t hoard all the material things and keep it as though that is your personal possession and only you have the right of it, and no others should benefit from it.

Take care, and Allah will bless you in this life, as well as in the onward journey.

If you abide by the teachings that the Holy Prophet (peace be on him) gave with regards to the distribution of your material assets of life, and you will be taking with you the blessing that come from your generosity on one hand, and your giving of what Allah has bestowed on you on the other.

May Allah make it easy for every one of us to benefit from this life to represent him properly here on earth, and to be blessed with the blessings that come with fasting, and all the requirements that go along with it, as we go along the journey.

May Allah forgive us, have mercy on us, and make the fasting easy for us, and blessed, so that we too can benefit from it in this life and onwards insha Allah.

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