MAI Alumni Event 2020

MAI Alumni Event 2020

An alumni association is a key part of any school, and is of growing importance in today’s environment of continuous learning and self-organised learning environments.

MAI is pleased to launch its MAI Alumni program with its first annual Alumni event scheduled for this January. Through this, it is hoped that past students would be able to realise key benefits, including:

  • reunite with classmates
  • expand networks by meeting other graduates
  • keep abreast of school developments
  • access new programs for continuous learning
  • get involved in activities and take advantage of opportunities in and through the school
  • assist present students in navigating their journey

The first annual MAI Alumni event is carded for

  • Saturday, February 1st, 2020
  • Markaz al Ihsaan Campus
  • Starts promptly at 2.00 pm

Interested alumni can visit the Alumni webpage; email; WhatsApp +1 (868) 488-0178 or join our WhatsApp Group here

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