Monthly Archives: April 2021

Perfecting Your Fast for Ramadan

We are in a time when we are open to the world of information, misinformation and disinformation… all coming at us on our phones on demand, wherever we are. This is great for instant access, and for inquiry, but also exposes us to a range of different practices, justifications and interpretations, with the result being added confusion or frustration to do the right thing.

In the advent of Ramadan 2021, in the face of quarantined and restricted mobility, much activity has gravitated to online spheres, where the debacle of information spread and accuracy remain major concerns. To mitigate this, the MAI Institute executed a series ‘Perfecting Your Fast for Ramadan’, to cover the Fiqh of Ramadan and ensure that persons have the comfort, and confidence, to know they are doing the right thing.

The resources developed and highlights of our outreach program are all available at, and the aim is to keep adding to it so that you can get full, accurate and unbaised information to Perfect Your Fast for Ramadan, gain the most out of the month, and build your relationship with the Almighty.

May Almighty Allah reward all our intentions and our efforts in this month and throughout, Insha Allah. Ameen.