Showing Love to Almighty Allah

Showing Love to Almighty Allah

Surah Baqarah verse 165 says… “Those who believe love Allah the most.” This love of the believers for Almighty Allah is described in the Quran as ashaddu hubban – the most immense love.

How we will know that we love Allah with that level of love? The holy month of Ramadan provides us the opportunity to feel, improve increase and demonstrate this love for our creator. We as believers become a portrait of Allah’s love throughout the holy month – when we stop doing many things we like to do in our normal life for His pleasure. In fact the practice of fasting is a way to say: Oh Almighty Allah we love You the most.

As the month of Ramadan begins, we start to sacrifice our nightly rest by standing in Taraweeh salaat which is a prayer of long duration.

Then we get up early in the morning, sacrificing our sleep and our sweet dreams, to obey the command of our Lord. Only passion of love can make this happen.

During the daylight hours, we stop eating delicious foods and block ourselves from sipping cold water and sweet drinks even though we feel hungry or thirsty because we love Allah and we want Him to be pleased with us.

Giving charity and sharing food also certifies that our love for Allah has priority over love for the material world.

Through all these acts of worship, we crave to prove to Our Most Merciful Lord that we love Him the most. Our body language keeps expressing day and night; Oh our Lord we love You so much that we can sacrifice our desires, our sweet dreams, our tastes and physical needs for your sake.

Dear brothers and sisters, after working hard throughout the holy month of Ramadan to earn the spiritual wealth of Allah’s love we should keep it protected and alive until we meet Him.

And remember to ask yourself that if I can restrain myself from Halal for Allah’s love than why should not I get over the Haram?

Eid Mubarak to you and yours, from Mufti 
Chishtie, and Markaz al Ihsaan.

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