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MAI Graduation 2019

The MAI Institute (Markaz al Ihsaan) recently held its 19th Annual Graduation Ceremony at the Markaz al Ihsaan Campus, Hermitage Village, San Fernando.

More than 100 students, family and staff were in attendance as the over 30 students graduated from the Certificate, Diploma and Aalim levels of the Islamic Studies Program offered by the MAI Institute.

This year, the ceremony had some notable differences, since in addition to the graduation, the Institute also recognized members of faculty who attained awards of merit in various capacities.

  • 3 members of faculty were issued Long Service Awards for their dedication and contribution to the MAI. Mrs. Fareeda Mohammed-Rahamut; Mr. Ishmael Khan and Mr. Wazim Ohab have served for a greater part of the 19 years the institute has been active, and mostly graduated from the Islamic Studies Program before becoming members of faculty.
  • In a tip of the hat to Mr. Hameez Mohammed and team, they were recognized for their award of ‘Most Outstanding Conference Paper 2019’ by the International Association of Engineers at their 2019 International Conference of Applied and Engineering Mathematics. Mr. Hameez Mohammed serves as the Head of Academic and as faculty of the MAI Institute.
  • A posthumous award was issued to Imam Shuffy Mohammed for his dedication and contribution to the MAI Institute, and the media studio was named in his memory the Imam Shuffy Mohammed Multimedia Studio.

Founder and Principal of the MAI Institute, Maulana Dr. Waffie Mohammed, recognized the basis on which the Institute was founded, saying, “As Muslims one is required to become learned… to take care of himself or herself physically, morally and spiritually…. One is required to become enlightened on how to benefit from the gift of life here with the assurance of something in the Hereafter.” Dr. Waffie was a student of world-renowned scholar Dr. Fazlu Rahman Ansari (Pakistan), and is one of the oldest living persons to have studied under Dr. Ansari.

Director Mr. Faheem Mohammed located the importance of the MAI Institute in the contemporary global context. He said “Oil and Migration have dominated the agenda, and terrorists have hijacked the narrative. There is soo much more Islam has done and continues to do, but we have to remind Muslims and non-Muslims alike of this. And for this we need all capable hands on deck.”

Mr. Mohammed also recognized the MAI Institute’s efforts to build on achievements of past Islamic scholarship in various branches of study – Ibn Haytham for the scientific method; Jabir al Hayyam as the father of Chemistry; Ibn Khaldun as the founding father of the study of History and Sociology; and Hazrat Omar in Law. “The Markaz in a short space of time has been able to contribute to distinct works in such areas as Islamic Sociology, Islamic Psychology, Public Speaking, Muslims in Minority and Islamic Groups in Contemporary Society. Some of these titles are published in far off places like Malaysia, and used in universities there.”

Chairman Haji Imtiaz Edoo moved an emotional appreciation where he appealed to the graduates to make the best contribution to society with the knowledge they were able to receive. He reminded all persons that nothing lasts forever and they were in part lucky to have access to the faculty team led by Maulana Waffie, and in part responsible for what the future of the community would be.

The MAI Institute is gearing up for a year-long celebration of its 20th Anniversary, and would be hosting a range of activities catering to present and past students, members of the Muslim community as well as the greater national community.

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MAI Alumni Event 2020

An alumni association is a key part of any school, and is of growing importance in today’s environment of continuous learning and self-organised learning environments.

MAI is pleased to launch its MAI Alumni program with its first annual Alumni event scheduled for this January. Through this, it is hoped that past students would be able to realise key benefits, including:

  • reunite with classmates
  • expand networks by meeting other graduates
  • keep abreast of school developments
  • access new programs for continuous learning
  • get involved in activities and take advantage of opportunities in and through the school
  • assist present students in navigating their journey

The first annual MAI Alumni event is carded for

  • Saturday, February 1st, 2020
  • Markaz al Ihsaan Campus
  • Starts promptly at 2.00 pm

Interested alumni can visit the Alumni webpage; email; WhatsApp +1 (868) 488-0178 or join our WhatsApp Group here